Employ the electric rice cooker for your varied needs

An electric rice cooker provides you the convenience of cooking rice with a minimal attention. Apart from cooking rice, your electronic rice cooker is capable of doing multiple things. Try doing some interesting new things with your rice cooker –
  • Try boiling eggs with rice cooker. It cooks perfectly without cracking. Place the eggs in the cooker and add some water and allow it to cook. This would be your favourite method of boiling eggs.
  • Easy and tidy to cook potatoes. Peel and cut the potatoes and add some water.
  • You could try cooking almost all vegetables. The time and water proportion may vary according to the model of your rice cooker.
  • Some variety of breads, oatmeal, stews, soups and porridge can be cooked with  rice cooker.


This multi-purpose electric cooker is a hassle-free choice. It needs less of your attention since it is automatic. You can fill the electric rice cooker with necessary ingredients and focus on other morning routines, your breakfast would be warm and ready!
This festive season is the right time to update your old appliances. Premier offers you with 1 litre, 1.8 litre and 2.2 litre models electric rice cookers with two years warranty to choose from.  Shop at our exclusive store  –  http://bit.ly/1MGZ9xQ
One Touch dry and wet grinder

Bring Home a versatile mixer for all your grinding needs

Today’s smart moms’ needs are unique! Many times they feel that a wet grinder is too big and a normal mixie is too restrictive to meet their grinding needs. Women, at times, have versatile dry and wet grinding requirements. No more wondering for a new product that would meet their needs. Premier has introduced a unique one touch wet and dry grinder. This is a best companion for modern moms who love to try out fresh recipes each day !

one touch

One Touch Wet and Dry grinder features :

  • Stainless steel body that is comfortable for cleaning and retain the stylish looks.
  • The Jar volume is 500 ml .
  • Perma sharp SS Blades ensures a finer, consistent and faster grinding.
  • It dry grinds coffee beans, spices, dhal, turmeric etc..
  • It wet grinds chutney, batter, even coconut puree in a jiffy.
  • Scratch and break resistant, see-through lid.
  • Stable non-slip base
  • Ensures grinding only when the lid is properly locked.
  • Powerful motor that enables fast grinding.

Would be an excellent choice for versatile needs. What are you waiting for? This awesome one touch dry and wet grinder is just a click away.

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Contribute to energy conservation from your kitchen

Any good thing begins from home. Let us use our LPG energy in an efficient way and save for the good of our family and nation.

save energy

Using energy efficiently serves us in conserving energy which in turn helps us to contribute our part to the society.

We can follow some easy and simple tips to save the cooking gas in kitchen :

  • Keep all ingredients ready to cook before lighting the gas.
  • Always keep adequate water. Surplus amount of water would consume more fuel to boil.
  • Lower the flame once the boiling starts
  • Close the lid whenever you cook.
  • A wide based utensil cooks effectively and easily.
  • A clean burner cooks effectively
  • Let the frozen food to be brought to room temperature before cooking.
  • Usage of pressure cooker saves both time and energy.
  • Wipe the pans and pots before placing on the gas.
  • Soak the cereals and rice before cooking.
  • Avoid overcooking.

Let’s start contributing to the nation’s empowerment from our kitchen by saving energy at home.

Frequently have a check on your gas stove for faults and leakages. Replace the old ones and use the energy effectively. There are a wide range of LPG stoves  available at SSPremier –  stainless steel stoves and Glass top trendy black  stoves that would make your cooking easier and effective.