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Grilled Fry Pan for a Sumptuous and Healthy Menu

Grill panNutricious cooking starts at your kitchen. Remembering the thumb rule, “Eat better, Live better”, focussing on healthier foods is essential. We talk a lot about eating healthy, nutritious foods. At the same time checking on healthy culinary appliances are equally vital.

No matter how much you love to eat healthy food, if you don’t get the taste or enough variety, healthy food easily falls into the “just another green thing category!”. One of the highest rated FAQ’s is, “Are there healthy foods that are tasty as well?”

Becoming slaves of Grilled meat, hamburgers and sandwiches are no sin. Here is a safe and easy way to stay healthy. Eat grilled meat, bacon or any seared food under the sun and stay healthy. Premier’s sassy innovation of Premier Grilled Fry Pan is the new healthy way to your man’s heart. Premier Grilled Fry Pan is an extremely versatile pan that provides you the flavor that you get on an outdoor grill.

Food specialists prefer grilled cooking as it is oil free and healthy to eat. You might wonder how can a grilled food stay tasty and healthier at the same time. The high ridges grill food with echt grill marks, elevating food from fatty drippings. Tandooris, sandwiches, vegetables or meat on Grilled fry pan takes you through a divine rollercoaster.

Ideal for the lot from cooking breakfast meats to grilling veggies and sandwiches. Premier Grilled Fry Pan has cool handles, double nonstick coats with authentic grill marks while allowing fat to drain away.

The extra thick bottom ensures uniform heat retention, helps you save energy and cook faster. Better temperature control with easy cooking and cleanup adds a feather to the cap. Performs equally good indoors and outdoors.

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Premier Roti maker for your healthy diet

With the advent of fast foods, we are prone to many diseases and in fact it is high time for us to become more health conscious. We have been hearing doctor’s advice to eat whole grains rich in fibre. To maintain a healthy weight, it is better to choose low carb, fibre rich foods.

Roti or Chapati made from wheat flour is a staple food for most of Indians. Sometimes it is messy for women to prepare the rotis for whole family. Roti maker has made the task more easy and effective. Roti maker allows you to prepare soft rotis with minimum effort. Just knead the dough and place the small rolls one after another, your yummy soft rotis would be ready to serve. They save much of your time and can be easily handled by anyone.

roti maker
SS Premier houses an instant Roti Maker that helps you cook your delicious roti’s easily.  Key features :

  • Non-stick coated plates
  • 1 year warranty
  • You can make bigger rotis since it has 8 inch diameter.
  • 900 watts power.

SS Premier’s Instant Roti maker can also be used for making multiple dishes like omlette, uthappam, papad and kakra dishes. Bring home this smart multi-tasking roti maker today!

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Use Premier Tadka pan for tempering purposes

A tadka pan is most essential tool for everyday cooking. There always arises a necessity to saute, temper or fry some ingredients as a finishing or flavoring method in our recipes. A tadka pan serves the purpose very easily.

SS Premier Tadka pan would become an ideal companion for you in the kitchen.

Following are the key attributes of two – small and large Tadka pans –

  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Aluminium Body
  • Spreads heat uniformly and cooks quickly.
  • Hard anodized.


Hard anodized products are basically made from hardened Aluminium. They have a long life and they completely lack pores on the surface. This makes the food non-sticky even if it is burned or overcooked. It also aids in healthy cooking by avoiding abrasion of aluminium in food products.

Every curry needs tempering by spluttering mustard and curry leaves. Sometimes small products like a tadka pan would help you to cook more efficiently and quickly. Also find some of our appam pan, paniyaram pan and steamer under the  pans category in SS Premier.

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