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Induction Pressure Cooker – Cooking Made Healthy

Induction bottom pressure cooker


Cooking is love made visible. There is nothing more amazing in life when you can cook tasty food in minutes.

An induction bottom pressure cooker ensures a faster and easier cooking experience. The induction base makes this pressure cooker a dual cookware for cooking on an induction stove and LPG stove.

This stunning new Induction base pressure cooker from Premier makes it a functional necessity that every kitchen should own. Here are a few reasons to consider the Premier Inner lid Aluminium Induction Bottom Pressure cooker:

Even Cooking

The Induction base on the pressure cooker equally distributes heat faster, directly into the vessel. Whereas, the standard pressure cooker absorbs heat only on the spot above the burner. The stainless steel plate inserted at the bottom of the cooker makes it magnetic and work on induction cooktops as well as LPG stoves. The flame evenly distributes without overheating the cooker and cooks the food uniformly within minutes. Premier pressure cooker consumes less gas or less electricity without over cooking.

Healthiest Mode of Cooking

Induction pressure cookers are made for convenience and safety. Aesthetically featured to give you the taste of traditional Indian cooking, they cook food within a snap and cuts down time. Both on stove and induction cooktop, Premier induction cooker increases thermal efficiency.

While it is essential to cook food before we eat, it is also important to not to overcook. The modern craftsmanship doesn’t allow the pressure cooker to overcook or burn the food. Thereby, induction base perfects cooking and makes a healthier meal.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The pressure cooker is engineered with aluminium body, resulting in magnetic bottom to cut down energy and time consumption.

Thermal efficiency, aluminium body, magnetic field, all these technical words might sound gibberish, but when it comes to cleaning the cooker it is super-duper easy! Induction pressure cooker reduces not only your cooking time but also your cleaning time.

Premier pressure cooker has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) of USA and Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). We at Premier ensure safety, reliability and durability for your kitchen.

The aluminium material makes this cooker sturdy and resistant to dents and more energy-efficient, stays looking new for years. Experiment with new recipes and get to spend more time with your family.

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