Happy Women’s Day to all Superwomen

womens day

She’s got the Power

Woman is the extraordinary power that relays the lion’s share of responsibility. With the power of her love, a house becomes a home. And her culinary arts, signal a harmonious family. Be proud! Because you’re a woman, fore-seer and the source of love. Most of the women shoulder multiple responsibilities as house wives and working women. They oversee relationships and tailor situations for a stable relationship. These blessings in disguise take joy in every little thing they do – cooking, caring, teaching.

School of Roles

Women as individuals, pursue their talents and dreams that are awe inspiring. They’re also chiefly responsible for mentoring children, major family decisions, finance maintenance, nourishing the family, and the list is long. The social roles and responsibilities with privileges of being women add spice to their lives. Saying that, getting their hands on cooking is yet another pleasurable area of expertise.

Superwomen’s Day

Premier salutes and encourage women to pursue their heart’s desires. Every day is women’s day, not just 8th March. Good times are the days well spent with families. We, Premier, value your time. Now enjoy with your families, kitchen won’t beckon you now and then. No more time consuming tiresome cooking. Premier’s limelights as a token of love and appreciation to the Superwomen of a contemporary kitchen with some revolutionary time-saving kitchen appliances – Induction cooker, Three 
burner stove, Roti maker.

We recognize all of your efforts and hard work. Wish you goodness, happiness and prosperity in life.

Happy Women’s Day to all Superwomen


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