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Do multiple things at a time, get 3 burner black glass top LPG stove

Our grandmother used charcoal stove to feed her family. Later our mother upgraded to LPG gas stove and that made things more easy for her. She was able to cook more easily than our granny did. Today it is high time for us to update with three, four burner stoves! The reason is – gone are the days when women were busy in kitchen whole day to cater their family’s health needs.

Now women has started exploring the world outside kitchen. She has perceived her abilities and extended her boundaries. But she cannot deny her basic responsibility of feeding her family either. Today’s smart moms has found their way to spend their minimum time for efficient cooking. Three burner stoves and four burner stoves has made multiple things possible at a time.

SS Premier offers three burner LPG stoves in both trendy black and stainless steel variety. Premier stainless steel oval LPG stove with three burner capacity has high blue flame thermal efficiency. It has a gleaming stainless steel body and give classical looks for your kitchen.

3 burner stove

Trendy black stove has elegant black toughened glass top and gives a trendy modern looks to your smart kitchen. Other features –

  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe gas control knobs
  • Brass burners for fuel efficient cooking
  • Thermal efficiency

Gift your loved one her own precious time by providing an option to cook effectively within short time. Buy SS Premier three burner stoves online @